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One Hundred Sophomore Year Manifestations

Since everyone is leaving (except for me, of course) here's a list of things that I am *putting out there* into the universe.
I will be happy. I will surround myself with people who make me happy.I will stand up for what I believe in. I will get the job. I will excel in my classes.I will ask for help if I need it. I will find my people. I will discover myself. I will push myself to my limits.I will think about the future. I will forgive myself. I will plan a trip. I will be decisive.I will be proud of myself.I will have fun. I will keep my apartment clean. I will buy clothes that I will wear.I will write. I will make something of myself. I will be good to the people around me. I will be a better listener. I will join things that make me happy. I will keep in contact with the people I want in my life. I will find new music. I will go to concerts. I will stand up for myself. I will try new things.I will decorate and redecorate when that gets old. I will go out. I will make plans.I wi…

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