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Written on the Number 2 Bus


**Written somewhere downtown on the Number 2 Bus––blocking traffic diagonally.***

I read somewhere, on Twitter, I think, that Americans are traumatized as a country. An engine backfired in Central Park and people ran like their lives depended on it––they probably thought it did. 
I feel slightly off saying that we're traumatized––especially in Seattle. Most of the time (even when I see coverage of shootings on the news) I feel so distant from what's happening. Like it's a story about somewhere else.
But something is wrong with us, Americans, I mean. 
About an hour ago I hopped on the 40 Bus like I normally did. I was irritated (like I normally am) because the bus came about 20 minutes after it was scheduled. It was also packed. I found myself standing in the doorway, jumping in and out of the bus to let people pass by. Everyone is much harder to deal with in such close proximity.
As we got closer to the heart of downtown, the traffic got heavi…

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