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wow my life is so interesting...

I have been trying to write about stupid coronavirus for literally a month because I feel like *history* and *record keeping* is important or whatever but I have NOTHING TO SAY so here are some bulleted notes:

Last month I lost my job. I worked as a marketing writing intern (my first ever writing job––it lasted six months). I'm not overly upset about it because I understand that my company couldn't really operate working remotely. All of the interns got laid off so it wasn't too bad. I think I would've quit anyway, it was too hard to work remotely for me, I have an impossible time focusing from home and school is far enough. I had to send the laptop I borrowed back in a box they sent me. Then I got ten more boxes in the mail which felt like a mistake but I waited too long to tell them or send them back so I just have them in my room. Oops. In the weeks before everything we to shit, people treated students differently––everybody knew we were ground zero. I'm NOT tryi…

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