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Climate Change Is Bad And You Can Quote Me On That

It was the Friday morning before class was supposed to start and I had an empty calendar starring back at me. I woke up, had a slow bowl of Cheerios and listened to the sounds of bells ringing and little kids yelling from my apartment window. I scribbled a haphazard quote about the environment on the back of an empty box of Pocky and headed down to the Climate Strike, a mere block away from my building.

Although I felt slightly guilty about how convenient my participation in this "strike" was, the event itself was amazing. Led by local high school (and even middle school) students, the event centered around youth movement, following in the footsteps of sixteen-year-old activist Greta Thunberg. Several art installations were scattered around the park (I want you all to know I deleted the word "littered" out of respect for the cause) prompting self-reflection in viewers.

My favorite story from the day came from a group of three sixth-graders I was marching alongside…

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